A bit about Me and what I offer


At Authentic8mybag I offer a Mulberry Authentication Service. 

My aim is to offer you peace of mind and reassurrance when making those preloved Mulberry purchases. 

I have over 7 years experience of owning and buying Mulberry bags and accessories.

We all know how exciting it can be when making that first purchase or for some their second or third, but when the item arrives you are just not sure of Authenticity- this is where i can help.

You can have the item authenticated prior to purchasing or once it has arrived .

I can also help with Ebay and Paypal disputes and provide typed written statements supporting your case.   

My certificates are accepted by Ebay and Paypal 

We Recommend...

Customiser Clips and Handbag Pillows  from "Designer Customiser Clips and Handbag Pillows" - I have provided links above for you or you can use the contact form below 

*Please note i do not supply the Pillows or Clips i am simply recommending a lovely lady who does*  ...the form below is for Pillows and clip enquiries

My services are separate x

Order Pillows here by sending a message


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Please note this is for pillow orders only, for authentications please go to Contact Us at the top of the page